Stierli-Bieger AG

360° radial bending machine

Supplier: Stierli-Bieger AG
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

With the radial bending principle, the material is bent around a bending pin by the rotating drive. Through this type of bending (also known as round bending or rotation bending), larger bending angles can be achieved than with horizontal bending. Stierli’s radial bending machine provides outstanding results in applications involving large radii, arch segments, bends over 90°, spirals, enclosed shapes and many other applications. Profiled rollers allow special profiles to be bent, too. This machine becomes a universal production machine with a high hourly output with the use of individual tools for various applications.


  • Bending pipe clamps
  • Bending with an angle greater than 90° (360°)
  • Bending reinforcing steel
  • Radial bending
  • Automatic re-bending
  • Bending round or square pipes / pipe machining
  • Bending busbars

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