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3D Printer filament lines

Available in: Finland

With vacuum calibration for a high strand diameter precision of +/- 0.025. This special “High Speed High Precision Filament Line” is made specifically to produce high precision filaments with an exact diameter from 1.75 to 3.00 mm with line speeds up to 100 m/min ensuring a homogeneous filament without any voids. A 4-meter long filament calibration water bath is comprised of a stainless steel vacuum sizing/cooling tank and calibration bath equipped with water heater. The Vacuum section has a heavy duty hinged Plexiglas lid and quick vacuum release valve mounted on top of the lid. It has a calibration tube inside the vacuum chamber and a vented strand suction units at the end of the water cooling bath.

Technical data

  • Max. winding diameter: 350 mm
  • Max. Winding width: 300 mm
  • Operating speed: 100 m/min at core diameter 100 mm
  • Motor drives: 2 x 0.25 kW
  • 3 phase supply voltage: In accordance to your specifications
  • Max pulling force on each wind up station: Around 50 kg

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