Timesavers International B.V.

42 RB Series

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

The 42 RB series is the ultimate machine for the perfect deburring, rounding and perfect finishing of your product(s).

This deburring machine can also be provided with one or more abrasive belt heads and therefore it will perfectly remove very large burrs and/or it will guarantee the perfect finish. The machine is suitable for machining plasma cut, 3D and machined parts because the 42 RB 1350 mm series has frequency- controlled rotating brushes. In addition, small parts (from 30 mm) up to large parts up to 1600 mm can be machined. The materials that can be machined include stainless steel, aluminium, zincor, zinc and laser film products.

Applications and benefits:

  • Contact time with brushes 42 RB 1350: 1600mm – 42 RB 1600: 1760mm.
  • The 8 brushes have a total of 46 m2 (1350) – 53 m2 (1600) of abrasive.
  • Removal of burrs caused by laser, plasma, water jet cut and parts in all shapes and sizes parts in one throughput.
  • Flat, shaped and 3D parts with ‘pockets’ / protrusions.
  • Preliminary removal of large burrs and surface finishing.
  • Stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, etc.
  • Processing of mixed materials with suitable wet extraction.
  • The deburring of zincor.
  • Treatment of small parts (50 x 50 mm) possible with the standard Vacuum table.
  • Materials: alu-zinc, galvanised, light alloy, plastic coated sheets, including ink marked parts.
  • Multiple machining options are combined with ease of use and efficiency.