About us

Waldec Oy Ab was established in Helsinki, Finland, in 1989 as a one-man operation led by Tom Waldonen. Our journey began with key partnerships, initially representing REP International, a leading manufacturer of rubber injection machines. Soon after, we expanded our offerings by representing Baulé, a renowned supplier of polyurethane elastomer casting equipment.

In 2007, when Tom Waldonen retired, Hermann Chanthabouasy took over the company. Under his leadership, Waldec broadened the supplier base and began offering technical maintenance, installation, and repair services. Our growth accelerated, starting with the acquisition of Philita AB in 2009, which extended our reach into Sweden and Denmark.

We continued to expand by acquiring Skaldomet Oy in 2013, enhancing our capabilities in the metal heat-treatment industry. In 2015, we purchased CLE Baltic in Estonia, specializing in tools and machinery for the metal industry. By 2019, we had established offices in Latvia and Lithuania, reinforcing our presence in the Baltic region.

Norway was welcomed to the Waldec family by establishing technical sales and maintenance services just outside Oslo. Today, we employ 20 people across the Nordic and Baltic countries, providing localized sales and technical support in our customers’ languages.

We at Waldec Group are a highly motivated team of professional salespeople and technicians ready to support you.