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Furnaces for heat treatment of metals

Supplier: LAC, s.r.o.
Available in: Finland , Sweden , Denmark , Norway , Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

In our furnaces for the heat treatment of metals, we always try to offer you the most advantageous solution with an excellent cost-to-benefit ratio. We seek ways to make the operation of your furnace easier, to increase its capacity, and to decrease your facility’s operating costs. But you don’t need to worry that we’d ever scrimp on materials or on furnace manufacturing.

Recommended operating temp. range: 700–1200 °C

Volumes: 20–7000 l

Charge treatment technology: 

  • Preheating furnaces
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Hardening furnaces
  • Tempering furnaces
  • Chemical-heat treatment furnaces
  • Automatic and semi-automatic lines

Furnaces type: 

  • PK hardening chamber furnace
  • PKE hardening chamber furnace
  • VKT bogie-hearth furnace
  • KNC/H horizontal chamber furnace with forced circulation
  • PKRC gastight chamber furnace with retort
  • SRC gastight shaft furnace with internal atmosphere circulation
  • PP tempering furnace
  • VKNC bogie-hearth chamber furnace with forced circulation
  • KSL hardening salt bath
  • KK hardening container
  • KLO oil hardening bath or KLV water hardening bath

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