PROTHERM 470, 510, 610, 710

Protherm controllers feature an advanced process controller and a full-colour display with customizable graphics. Models are available with an industrial touchscreen interface, or an advanced control knob interface for dirty applications or where operators wear gloves. Optional modelling and target control can take heat treatment recipes to the next level. Detailed PID tuning features including … Read more


The advanced ExoFlex™ exothermic gas generator combines our patented ExoInjector™ fuel-injection generator control system with high-efficiency combustion technology to lower the operation and maintenance costs of producing high-quality exothermic gas for heat-treatment furnaces. FEATURES & BENEFITS SYSTEM CHARACTERISTICS The generator is equipped with the latest sensors to monitor dew point, unreacted methane, and energy consumption. The large-format touchscreen interface … Read more


The UPC-Marathon Flo-Meter™ is a rugged and cost-efficient flow meter for gases and liquids. Its machined aluminum structure ensures reliable performance and long service life. The patented float rod assembly is the meter’s only moving part. Each Flo-Meter is calibrated to VDE/VDI 3513 of reading in Waukee’s ISO/IEC17025:2005 accredited laboratory. ACCURACY:The accuracy of the Flo-Meter™ … Read more


Integrated thermal conductivity sampling system The SGS™ – Single-Gas Sensor measures hydrogen content with high accuracy in binary or quasi-binary process atmospheres. The SGS™ is low maintenance and boasts a long service life which eliminates the need for heated sample lines, filters, etc. The SGS™ can be stand-alone or integrated into a new or existing control system. Ideal for measuring hydrogen … Read more