Furnaces for non-ferrous metal foundries

Since energy prices have been rising, we have focused on lowering your operating costs. And that goes double for furnaces for melting and holding. We have, for instance, developed the PTE Mk. II holding furnace for aluminium alloys, whose energy consumption is not matched by any similar furnace. Thanks to our energy audits, you can … Read more

Furnaces for additive manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing represents a huge potential. It brings about higher efficiency and reduces costs at production, testing and introducing new products. This technology allows production of 3D products even with a very complicated shape. Our furnaces are designed for most post-process heat treatment technologies in additive manufacturing, for metal processing – melting or sintering of … Read more

Laboratory furnaces

Easy installation and control are fundamental for laboratory furnaces. You don’t want to spend hours learning to use your facilities. For applications that are true rarities, we regularly adapt our furnaces to ensure they fit your technologies as well as possible. We also have many models in stock, and can deliver within as little as … Read more

Custom made furnaces

We work hard to reduce your operating costs. We never try to save on a furnace’s materials or processing. And we take care of the things we make. Carefully, and for the long term. Until they are completely decommissioned. We supply facilities for foundries, heat treatment, low-temperature applications, automotive, aerospace, and many other industry sectors. … Read more

Low-temperature furnaces and dryers

For low-temperature furnaces and dryers, it is above all important to ensure even heating of the charge, no matter what that charge is. In our catalogue, you’ll find both time-tested and custom-made low-temperature facilities for treatment of plastics, rubber, electrical components, glass, chemical substances, and food products, for instance. We have already designed a number … Read more

Interwell AS Finds Dependable Support in Waldec’s Superior Services

In the dynamic world of industry, the rubber sector plays a pivotal role in numerous applications, rangingfrom automotive to energy. At Waldec, we take pride in our contribution to the rubber industry by providingcutting-edge machines, spare parts, and crucial maintenance services. Our skilled team, with a wealth of expertise, has collaborated closely with Interwell AS, … Read more