Automated Bending System

An automated bending system can offer several advantages, and not only in terms of production speed. The use of robots for this kind of processing considerably reduces the risk of accidents to the operators and guarantees a constant quality of products manufactured according to specific parameters and with standard procedures. 

Starmatik’s automated solutions for pressure bending also include specific characteristics such as the Flexible Bending System (FBS) that automatically manages processing queues by changing bending press and robot gripper tools automatically and by managing the programmes of the relevant CNs. This solution drastically reduces downtime and increases use flexibility, thus increasing productivity also in the processing of small lots of products.

The Starmatik bending systems comprise one or more anthropomorphic robots equipped with vacuum (suction cups), magnetic and/or mechanical ( tweezers) grippers. The robot can be placed before the bending press, on the floor track or on the portal, with the possibility of using the press also in manual mode.

Optional features

  • Sheet metal pre-loader, to reduce the cycle time by an average of 10-15 seconds a piece, as the collection, thickness control and centring of the sheet metal are carried out while the machine is working.
  • Automatic loading and unloading solutions, to feed and discharge pieces without stopping the plant. 
  • Viewing system, with one or more video cameras that allow the robot to collect pieces contained randomly in a box, thus eliminating the need to put the pieces in specific places for collection.
  • Possibility of the plant to interface with other systems for pre- or post-bending processes. 

All components are normalised and designed to be installed on any type and brand of bending press, new or already in use, provided they are equipped with a CNC control.

Starmatik offers automated systems also for:

  • Welding
  • De-Burring/Grinding
  • Laser loading & unloading
  • Sorting
  • Handling
  • Special applications

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