Codere SA

Bell Furnace – SYSTEM 250/251

Supplier: Codere SA
Available in: Finland , Sweden , Denmark , Norway

Semi/Full Automatic or Manual bell furnace

CODERE’s modular bell-furnance has stations separated functionally and direct quenching transfer. The quench transfer system for loading from the furnace to the tank is carried out by simply sliding the load without any hooking mechanism. Furnace-quench tank transfer time is less than 15 seconds. Integration of various quenching options enables a greater variety of furnace/tank combinations. It is easy to extend existing line with new requirements, both in terms of capacity and treatments. The bell-furnce is particularly suitable for production of parts in medium and small production runs requiring flexibility of heat treatment parameters (temperature and atmosphere) and for thin + long parts which risk of distortion. Quench transfer under atmosphere is without loss of temperature before quenching the load.

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