Cement Industry Castings

Cement is usually a composition of clay, limestone, iron ore and sand. It is used as a component in the further production of concrete, plaster and mortar to achieve the desired strength. In the production of cement, the raw materials undergo many processing steps. The demands on the components used in the manufacturing process with regard to wear, corrosion and heat resistance are extremely high. For this reason, cement plants carry out regular and important preventive maintenance with fixed cycle downtimes.

WCF supplies wear-resistant castings for crushers and mills and heat-resistant cast components for furnaces, coolers and heat exchangers.

Product range

  • Inlet and outlet segments for rotary kilns
  • Immersion tube systems for cyclones
  • Blow-out nozzles for compressed air cannons
  • Infeed troughs
  • Pendulum flaps, with or without air cooling
  • Cooling plates, with slots or holes, with or without pocket
  • Grate plate supports
  • Stroke bars
  • Drag chains
  • Outlet pots with wear segments
  • Refractory anchors
  • Armour plates
  • Lifting buckets
  • Hammers

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