Cleaner, Safer and More Productive Workshops

In recent years there has been a growing need to improve cleaner and healthier working environments. For instance, providing excellent air quality in the workplace is an easy way to improve your employee’s health, wellbeing and productivity. In this blog post we will concentrate on industrial production environments and what employers can do to ensure cleaner, safer and more productive workshops. 

In production environments exposure to airborne oil mist, for example, can cause many health issues, including respiratory and skin diseases. It may also pose safety risks – oily floors are a slip hazard, and a build-up of oil residue can be a fire risk. Moreover, it can damage sensitive electrical equipment, causing unnecessary production downtime. As a result, official regulations and guidelines have been implemented in several countries to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.  

What Is Oil Mist? 

Oil mist is created when metalworking fluids are sprayed by machine tools to help lubricate the tool or keep metal components cool. Industrial lubricants are used in a variety of manufacturing processes including milling, drilling, grinding, turning and finishing operations. 

Manufacturers initially used water to cool the surface of the metal and then moved on to other types of lubrication, including lard, as speeds and efficiencies increased. Today’s modern machine shops use a variety of fluids depending on the purpose of the application, and they all generate airborne mist particles when sprayed. 

What Can Employers Do to Minimise Exposure to Oil Mist? 

There are several measures that employers can take to help protect their people from exposure to hazardous airborne particles. The first step is to assess the risks and decide what precautions are needed. The second step is to prevent or adequately control exposure. The third step is to ensure that control measures are used and maintained. And finally, the last step is to monitor the air quality. 

High Quality Oil Mist Filters for Cleaner and Healthier Working Environments 

Filtermist oil mist filters are excellent tools to help companies operating machines to protect their employees from exposure to harmful airborne oil mist particles. This is done by effectively filtering contaminated air at source. Coolant is returned for collection or re-use, whilst clean air is exhausted back into the workshop.  

Filtermist oil mist collectors are compact, lightweight and designed to be directly mounted onto machine tools. They can also be fitted using floor stands and machine mounting brackets. These filters provides effective oil mist removal in a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, food processing, medical device manufacture and more.  

5-Year Warranty on All New Filtermist Units 

Every single Filtermist unit undertakes rigorous Quality Assurance checks during the assembly process to ensure it meets their high-quality standards and reaches you in perfect condition. Filtermist is so confident of the build quality of their oil mist filters that they’ve introduced a 5-year warranty on all new Filtermist units totally free of charge.

Waldec Group is Filtermist’s official distributor in Estonia and Latvia. Contact our professional sales personnel to hear more about their oil mist filters and their new 5-year warranty!