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Clinching is often the most cost effective and practical solution for joining sheet metal. The system consists of a machine equipped with a punch and a die. You can choose, handheld units, universal presses, customized special purpose machinery or in line high volume equipment for your production.

BTM Scandinavia’s clinching systems are designed to create a strong consistent joint in various metals and with a quick tool change and equipment adjustment other thickness or metals can be joined. Their tooling stock levels allow for quick & easy tool change if you wish to join different combinations. You can also change the technology for riveting. The possibilities are many.

BTM’s tools are long lasting, but factors, such as material defects and impurities can break a tool more quickly. When this does happen our technicians will aim to resolve the problem as quickly and easily as possible.

Clinching Tools


  • BTM’s patented Tog-L-Loc® sheet metal joining system is the simple solution for fastening plain or coated sheet metals. Tog-L-Loc® forms a strong, leakproof “button” headed joint without welding or riveting in almost any combination of ductile sheet metals. The Tog-L-Loc® system is widely used in the manufacture of automobiles, appliances, furniture, electrical products, building supplies, and more.


  • Lance-N-Loc® is a sheet metal clinching system which creates a strong mechanical joint without the use of external fasteners or welding. The metals are lanced and squeezed to form an interlock below the bottom layer of the sheet metal. Lance-N-Loc® is good for joining harder materials, multiple layers, and is ideal for use where electrical conductivity is required.


  • If you are joining Aluminum or your product requires a high-quality; visually pleasing appearance, consider the V-Loc™ clinch joint. V-Loc™ solves many of the challenges associated with joining todays light weight high strength aluminum alloys with or without adhesives. V-Loc™’s unique geometry improves material flow producing a clinch that is resistent to necking and the effects of prestrain.

The Oval-Loc®

  • Oval-Loc® was created from the vision of combining all of the advantages of our popular Tog-L-Loc® round clinch joint with the rotation resistance of our Lance-N-Loc® sheet metal joining system. The Oval-Loc® process features the leak-proof and long tool life characteristics of a traditional Tog-L-Loc® joint, but also provides improved strength.

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