Commissioning a state of the art endothermic gas generator at ATA Gears

When Ata Gears noticed that they are in a need to increase the endothermic gas production, the requirements were high for some suppliers but it was no match for Neotherm & Waldec.

Ata Gears Oy is serving customers globally, they specialize in the production of the highest quality gears. They have the knowledge and machinery to design and produce the products from a single block to a ready product the size of the components can vary from 50-3000mm for demanding marine and industrial applications worldwide.

Together we designed, delivered and commissioned a 80Nm3/hr Endothermic gas generator. For us and the customer the key features were: energy saving, cost efficiency, reliability, ease of use, low maintenance and availability of spare parts, all this in compliance with the CQI9 and AMS2750 requirements.

Industries are focusing on sustainable solutions, that’s why also this generator is fitted with Neotherm AutoGen system to eliminate gas wastage. The AutoGen automatic turn-down system is neatly integrated to automatically reduce gas production in response to furnace demand, thus reducing costs hugely compared to a traditional manual vent design.

A traditional, manually-vented endothermic gas generator cannot reduce the amount of gas it produces. When the gas is not needed because a furnace is switched off or is in between cycles, the gas has to be manually vented to the atmosphere. This is a direct waste of propane or natural gas, depending on what the customer uses. This cost can be calculated after a quick on-site survey.

For Neotherm this project was another day at the office. Neotherm has a wide customer base all around the world. The company is specialized in design and manufacturing of heat treatment solutions such as endothermic gas generators and heat treatment furnaces. Obviously, the support does not stop there since they have engineers ready to provide service and modification of any of your problems.

The strange time we live in at the moment, with decreased availability of key components, price increases etc., has shown us the importance of good project planning and reliable suppliers. We would like to thank ATA Gears for the trust in us and Neotherm for the easy communication and near to perfect execution during the whole project!

If you are interested of hearing more about our solutions and how we could provide you with sustainable options do not hesitate to contact us!