Agila N.V.

Cutting Machines

Supplier: Agila N.V.
Available in: Finland

Agila’s cutting machines are made from a single piece; the electrical cabinet and the hydraulic group are integrated into the machine. The cutting motion is guided by a two-handed safety control. The hydraulic group is located under the machine, on an oil catchment reservoir.

Each machine is fitted underneath with two channel beams to facilitate transport with a pallet truck or forklift truck.

The Agila bale cutting machines are also available with input and output conveyor belts. These machines are fully automatic.

The rubber bales are placed on the input conveyor at the front of the machine. Using the controls, you set the cut length and the number of pieces to be cut, and the machine automatically cuts the desired quantity of pieces to the right length.

All the machines are available (if so desired) with a stainless steel table and blade holder.

The Agila bale cutting machines are fully screened off with safety nets around them. All machines are CE-approved and conform to the latest European legislation.


  • SM0
  • SM1
  • SM2 + Conveyor
  • SM1 + Conveyor
  • SM2

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