FAR S.r.l

FAR Blind Rivet Nuts

Supplier: FAR S.r.l
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

FAR’s blind rivet nuts (or threaded inserts) are fasteners that allow to thread on details with reduced thicknesses. They also enable threading on details that are located in uncomfortable places where it would not be economical and/or possible to make a thread with a tool.


  • Round open-end
    Materials: Steel, Stainless steel (A2), Stainless steel (A4), Aluminium. Other materials available on request.
  • Hexagonal open-end
    Materials: Steel, A2 Stainless steel
  • Round closed-end
    Materials: Steel, Aluminium
  • Hexagonal closed-end
    Materials: Steel, Stainless steel (A2)
  • Round blind rivet bolts
    Materials: Steel
  • Hexagonal blind rivet bolts
    Materials: Steel