Gizelis RoboBend option

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

The RoboBend option is a system which can be mounted in any of Gizelis’ hydraulic Press Brakes. Press Brake is capable to operate as a Robotic Bending cell when it is needed or as a manual Press Brake with an operator with all safety systems integrated, creating a hybrid system. The RoboBend offers offline programming at the same time robot and press brake without having to learn or manage multiple numerical controls. It has also extremely compact design, linear track installed directly on the press brake, providing free space along the entire working length.

RoboBend has an integrated safety systems for both robot and manual bending, according to EU regulations. It also provides possibility to work with multiple picking stations, in order to bend diverse profiles with one program.

For a high number of the parts, the Press Brake can be transformed into a fully automatic robotic cell:
The machine’s safety is turning into a Robotic Cell Safety and the machine can work two or three shifts accordingly without an operator. The machine can reach the maximum possible working speed, which is not anymore limited by CE regulations.

When the number of parts is not high enough to operate as a robotic cell, the robot is parked at machine’s left side, allowing free space along the entire working length.

The RoboBend offers complete solution, dedicated to robotized bending process:

  • Verify cell layout feasibility
  • 3D realistic simulation
  • Off-line program without teach-in
  • Generate robot and press brake part program
  • Manage cell elements and bending parameters libraries
  • Manage any type of layout, including 7th axes, gantry, multi-load and unload stations

Copyright: Boschert