Greetings from our CEO

For several years, we have been witnessing events that many of us have not had to witness before. For two years we were in the grip of Covid-19 and although the virus has not disappeared, medical science has been able to limit the effects of the forms of the disease. Last year was a strong year in the market, and the beginning of this year seemed to only accelerate it. History proves that momentum also has a way of slowing down, stopping, or turning in the other direction. The way in which this happens depends on many different factors and can be the result of natural phenomena or political decision, for example. The way the pace slowed down at the beginning of 2022 was unexpected and affected many of us, not just in the way we run our businesses but in the way we live our daily lives. Shock, anxiety, fear were visible and understandable in their impact. Some of us were very close to the events, through friends or relatives. It has been great to see how each of us has been able to endure, support and contribute to the company and its development, without forgetting the importance of leisure time, friends and loved ones. The year 2022 was again out of the ordinary. What is normal in today’s world will change over time and we will have to adapt to it.


The word “thank you” is sometimes too seldom used, forgotten in the rush. When other things take over in situations where even a small gesture could create a great feeling and impact, the biggest influencer remains unused. We live very largely through emotions. Although many of us assure that emotions do not influence, I would argue that if we drill down to the core of things, emotions play a part in this equation as well. This year too, the parties organized by Waldec have not lacked emotion. Joy, laugh, friendship and many emotional elements have been part of it. Most recently, we gathered near Riga, Latvia, where a festive, castle-like building was reserved for us. Before starting the festivities there, we gathered to check how our teams work with each other in Escape Rooms. We escaped, solved the mysteries and managed to find the treasures. Best of all, we solved missions together to find the goal. Later in the day, the men had the opportunity to taste wines and whiskeys. Now more of us understand that the type of glass used matters. It affects the senses and thereby the experience it brings. For their part, the women got the opportunity to learn and build the most suitable lipstick for their own style and sense. As a company, we want to enable experiences and without deviating from these, the dinner was served with 5 dishes and wines. One after the other, richer in experiences, colleagues said thanks for the evening.


Although the past year was exceptional, it was also successful in many ways. The Group’s turnover will grow, some of it will come through high inflation, but even without that, growth has been good. Our profitability has suffered, and it has brought its own challenges, even so we have been able to stick to our plan to increase our resources. Our service has developed, and I can see that we have made great progress since 2021. We are closer to our customers and have a better understanding of how we can support them. As a whole, we have improved and are a better, more cohesive group. As a thank you for the past year, we will continue to support the wellbeing of our employees and give December 27th-28th off.

The coming year 2023

The year 2023 is full of question marks. There are many different estimates, but it is more likely to be a challenging year, at least in part. If we stick to the plan, believe and trust in what we are doing, even if the results don’t appear immediately, we will definitely be one step stronger again.

Thank you, colleagues, suppliers, cooperation partners, and customers for the past year. Let’s rest, enjoy and gather new energy and enthusiasm for the future, we will certainly need it. There is hardly an easy road ahead, but at the end, winners always make it to the finish line.

Kind regards, 
Henrik Neirama