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Hand Held Clinching Units

Supplier: BTM Scandinavia AB
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

BTM hand held clinching units provide an inexpensive way to begin reducing the cost of assembling your product and can serve as an affordable stepping stone to higher production from a more automated machine. Their broad range of standard and adaptable hand held units are designed to fit a wide range of part designs and production requirements or we can easily modify an existing unit to meet your unique part design.

Pneumatic Units

UniClinch unit

The UniClinch unit has an integrated air hydraulic cylinder which requires only an 87psi (6 bar) airline to operate. The unit contains few moving parts and offers a high level of reliability. It is also quick cycling, lightweight, well balanced and runs quietly making it an ideal solution for economically clinching your products in low to medium volume production runs.

Air/Oil Booster Powered Units


BTM’s Lit-L-Loc units are an economical approach to fastening sheet metal assemblies with edge or upstanding flanges. The punch and die can be reversed in these units, allowing the Tog-L-Loc® or Lance-N-Loc® “button” to form on either side of assembled parts. These units may be purchased separately or as a complete kit which includes a booster and two meter hose assembly.

Hydraulic Powered Units

7006 Unit

These hydraulic hand operated units are most commonly used for prototyping & small to medium production runs. A standard 7006 Unit is available in one of two different anvil styles (the style of anvil required depends on the design of part being joined). These units feature a dual handled design with two operation triggers. Both triggers must be pressed in order to open, close, and cycle the unit.

Battery Powered Units

Battery Clinch Unit

This Battery Clinch Unit is powerful enough to make 5.5 size Tog-L-Loc® joints in most common sheet metal
thicknesses. The unit operates by a single push button, is lightweight, ergonomic and has a robust design suited for the construction site. This Battery Clinch Unit is ideal for low volume sheet metal repair work and/or when utility electricity is not available.

The “C” frame can be rotated relative the trigger for easy selection of an ergonomic operating position. The units are powered by efficient lithium-ion rechargeable batteries but an optional AC power supply cable for all common voltage systems is available.

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