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REP International

Horizontal molding machines

Available in: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia

REP’s horizontal presses are designed to allow easy removal of moulded parts. This is advantageous when production operations of simple shape engineered parts are to be fully automated. Low floor-space requirement and low ceiling requirement, optimized cycle time and 100 percent automation are the key features of this press.


  • Clamping force 1950 kN
  • Dimensions of heater plates: 450 x 450 mm
  • Injection capacity: 1000 cm3


  • Clamping force 3100 kN
  • Dimensions of heater plates: 550 x 550 mm
  • Injection capacity: 1000 cm3 or 2000 cm3 


  • Clamping force 4000 kN
  • Dimensions of heater plates: 750 x 800 mm
  • Injection capacity:  2000 or 5000 cm3