Human-Robot Collaboration for Better Productivity

Many of our customers are looking to invest in more efficient manufacturing processes to provide better products in a shorter amount of time. One solution is human-robot collaboration. The possibility to enhance accuracy, increase productivity, and improve safety has revolutionized the manufacturing sector for decades already. It has proven to deliver an evident return on investment.  

Robotic automation is the process of integrating machinery for monotonous tasks and freeing up human labor. An industrial robot can perform repetitive tasks with much higher speed, accuracy, and endurance than a human ever could. A human solely cannot compete with the consistency and speed of a robot in tasks such as welding, material handling or assembly.  

Robots are an Aid to Humans

However, the relationship between a human and a robot is best seen as a collaboration and not as a competition. Robots give humans the freedom to concentrate on tasks needing more creativity and skill. Many fear that robots will eventually replace humans at a workplace but that is not the case. They will always act as just an aid to human labour. 

Yet, losing tedious jobs to technological innovation is not unknown to history. For instance, some bank teller jobs lost to technology with the introduction of the ATM and once many elevators were operated by humans. Automation happens all the time. 

Gizelis RoboBend Option – for More Efficient Bending 

We are pleased at Waldec Group that together with Gizelis we can now offer in the Baltics a robotic press brake for bending purposes. The Gizelis RoboBend option offers significantly increased efficiency for high volume and highly repetitive production. Thanks to the robotic automation cell, the system can operate continuously without an operator, and the press brakes can utilize their maximum possible working speed.  

Robotic automation is becoming a necessity and a standard for manufacturing efficiency. Humans are no match for robots when it comes to tedious, repetitive tasks requiring accuracy and speed. Upskilling and retraining the workforce to work alongside technology is crucial for the future of successful human-robot collaboration. 

Check out our product page for the Gizelis Robobend option to find out more and contact our sales staff for a quote.