Stierli-Bieger AG

Hydraulic Straightening Press

Supplier: Stierli-Bieger AG
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Wherever beam profiles, plates or welded structures have to be straightened, bent or pre-tensioned (cambered), Stierli’s straightening press comes into its own. The machines have a very robust design and have been successfully demonstrating their efficiency and consistently reliable operation in metal and steel construction companies, vehicle construction and general machine building  throughout the world for decades. The straightening presses can be used to straighten quickly, precisely and reliably. Stierli offers various straightening solutions from small manual straightening machines to large, automated straightening systems.


  • Heavy bending work
  • Pre-tension – cambering beams
  • Metal straightening


  • Larger and wider working table
  • Long cylinder stroke with large insertion width
  • Robust machine design
  • High repeat accuracy
  • Very strong cylinder guiding system
  • Precise, enclosed working table
  • Movable with pallet lift truck or crane
  • Little space required
  • Compact, flexible and robust quality tools
  • Quick-change tool system
  • Universal application
  • High bending output (up to 600 bends/hour)
  • Technical advantages and cost benefits over vertical press brakes
  • Cost-effective purchase in terms of uses and service life
  • Easy loading of the workpieces
  • User-friendly control

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