Increasing customer’s production with strong cooperation

Our customer Rokiškio Mašinų Gamykla (RMG) contacted us regarding their plans to improve their production volume. RMG offers professional metal processing service, and specializes in agricultural implements, non-standard steel equipment, parts and metal products. 

RMG has been using press brakes Darley’s (merged with Safan in 2012) hydraulic press brakes for several years now. As their employees have been satisfied by the high quality of Darley’s machines, our technical sales representative Arturas started this project together with the customer, which included SafanDarley‘s new Hydraulic Press Brake model H-Brake 320T Ultra. This machine is equipped with a new double screen –control unit and changeable hydraulic tool with a clamping system. SafanDarley’s machines are fast and reliable, therefore it is a very good option to meet the customer’s need.

Safan Darley installation

The SafanDarley H-Brake offers pioneering options for an environmentally-friendly production process, which is unique in the heavy-duty hydraulic segment. The H-Brake ranges from 175 tons to 1250 tons in pressing force and varies in bending lengths from 3100 mm to 6220 mm. Outside this selection of standard machines, SafanDarley offers a wide range of customer-specific solutions. 

Safan Darley press brake installation

Our technician Arnoldas together with SafanDarley’s engineer Sebastiaan, installed the machine with good teamwork. RMG has been happy with Waldec’s technical support and we are looking forward for our cooperation in the future. Our services include, but are not limited to installations, maintenance and customized solutions. Our techinicians learn and receive training on our suppliers facilities in order to maintain high knowledge of all the products which we offer to our customers.

Check out our product pages for the SafanDarley machines to find out more and contact our sales staff for a meeting.