Industrial Furnace Engineering Castings

Industrial furnaces are used in a wide variety of fields, but are always subject to demanding underlying conditions. For this reason, many components are made of heat-resistant stainless steel casting. Together with our customers, we at WCF and Waldec develop customized solutions from casting. Not only the correct geometry, but also the material to be used plays an important role. Together with our customers, we design and develop specific solutions to meet all requirements such as the stresses caused by loading, atmospheres and temperatures.

We supply to customers who use walking beam, roller hearth, rotary hearth, chamber, or pusher furnaces. Wuxi’s components boast impressive longevity in various atmospheres. These components are used in heat treatment, hardening, nitriding, LPC, tempering, and many other furnaces.

Product range

  • Jacket pipes
  • Flame tubes
  • Recuperators
  • Pressure pieces
  • Thrust heads
  • Furnace chains
  • Skid rails
  • Burner heads
  • Nozzle pieces
  • Swirlers
  • Furnace doors
  • Centrifugally casting pipes in the desired lengths
  • Cast covers, flanges and, spacers
  • Conveyor rollers
  • Transport rollers
  • Driving and guiding rollers
  • Cast link belts
  • Charging equipment
  • Cast transport frames
  • Walking beams
  • Uprights
  • Tabs made of special alloys such as UMCO 50 or 51
  • Hearth edge angles for rotary hearth furnaces
  • Fans for cast shaft furnaces

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