Boe-Therm AS

Industrial refrigeration systems

Supplier: Boe-Therm AS
Available in: Finland , Sweden , Norway , Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Boe-Therm has a large program of industrial refrigeration systems. The program consist of of standard coolers up to 50 kW and customer-specific solutions up to 2,000 kW. BOE-THERM has been developing and manufacturing industrial refrigeration systems for many years.

BOE-THERM DTE 1.0 – 50.5 KW contains the following components:

  • Pipe coil heat exchanger (evaporator) made of stainless steel.
  • Digital temperature controller with adjustable constraint and display for reading measurement values.
  • A thermal valve (Models K-001.0 and K-001.7 have tubular injection.)
  • An industrial multi-stage centrifugal pump with impeller, shaft and other important components is made of stainless steel.
  • By-pass for water pump protection.
  • Canned sealed and suction gas cooled compressor.
  • Air cooled condenser specially designed by DTE, fitted with copper pipes and aluminium slats.
  • An industrial axial fan, which blows the hot condenser air horizontally out of the system.
  • A closed stainless steel water tank, which has also been provided with insulation.
  • A swimmer for automatic refill.
  • Manual filling and sight glass.
  • Connection for external start / stop (potential free)

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