Yamazaki Mazak Danmark AS

INTEGREX – Multi-Tasking

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Integrex is the complete Fusion of a CNC Turning Center and Machining Center

Complete every one of your machining operations from raw material to finished component in one hit, in one setup with the ultimate DONE-IN-ONE machine from Mazak.


High Productivity
The machines have a superior performance for Milling and Turning. They have a main spindle that is an integral spindle/motor for wide application range, a secondary spindle for high efficiency for the second operation, as well as a milling spindle.

The machines have enhanced axis range for greater component variety and long strokes for large workpiece capacity.

High Accuracy
The B-axis is driven by a roller gear cam and can be indexed in 0.0001 degree increments and has a scale feedback as standard equipment. The rigid linear roller guides on all linear axes give improved positioning accuracy with lower friction.

Ease of Programming
Easy programming for C-axis, Y-axis and angle machining.

Class Leading Operator Ergonomics
The machines are deigned for efficient tool setup.

Environmentally Friendly
The machines come with personnel sensors for the work lights and CNC display, a chip conveyor and automatic power off, as well as an optional power consumption display.

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