Agila N.V.

Lab Mills

Supplier: Agila N.V.
Available in: Finland

Agila’s Lab Mill machines make it possible to mix, knead and plasticize rubber and plastic, and to draw them in sheets or strips. These machines are also suitable for working in series (colouring, thermal stabilization, and drawing sheets) in the sphere of research.

Fitted with high-quality components (very hard, fully polished rollers, hydraulic nip adjustment). The stock blenders guarantee great precision when it comes to friction, thickness control and temperature. This guarantees a very good level of replication.

Manual controls are fitted as standard, but the machines can also be supplied with PC controls that use touch screen and software for fully automatic operation. They are available in 4 types, according to the diameter of the roller: 150, 200, 250 or 300. All stock blenders are CE-approved and conform to the latest European legislation.


  • LW150
  • LW200
  • LW250
  • LW300
  • LW150S

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