Covestro Elastomers SAS

Low Pressure Dispensing Machines

Available in: Finland , Sweden , Denmark , Norway , Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

In-depth molding experience combined with Covestro’s knowledge of polyurethane chemistry and their in-house engineering make Baulé® machines the most efficient tools for the successful production of cast polyurethane parts. In addition, they offer a comprehensive range of machines and peripherals that enable the manufacture of cast polyurethane parts at scale. Their wide variety of options means that molders can find the right equipment for specific processes including open mold casting, bottom filling, rotational casting, casting under vacuum, air nucleation direct injection, and more.

Key elements

  • Powerful electric heating for hot-cast polyurethane processing
  • Accurate metering for consistent mixing ratios
  • Dynamic or static mixing system for enhanced mixing
  • Effective material degassing for bubble-free moldings


  • Process parameter control for process reliability
  • Raw material recirculation for temperature uniformity
  • User-friendliness for easy machine handling

A variety of peripherals are available to increase machine productivity. Depending on the machine series, operators can implement:

  • Pigment, catalyst or additive injection
  • Automatic degassers
  • Amine melting
  • Feeding units

Covestro Elastomers devised a new concept that allows our customers to specify which options they currently want on their machines – and keep revising those features and functions as their needs evolve. Thanks to the fully customizable and scalable design, customers can alter and refine the profile of a previously owned machine, or create just the right tool to match their needs. Based on that concept, Covestro Elastomers developed two broad machine profiles: Baulé® alpha machines let customers specify their design based on a wide range of pre-defined options. Baulé® omega machines permit a fully customized machine design.

Baulé® alpha machines: Options you can always upgrade

The Baulé® alpha approach allows you to choose from a wide range of features to get the machine you need now, and easily upgrade later to satisfy your evolving needs. Numerous combinations are possible within a precisely elaborated frame. Thanks to an output potential ranging from 2 to 30 kg per minute, a material tank that can hold up to 400 liters, and the possibility of choosing 2 to 4 components, Baulé® alpha machines offer a comprehensive range of options.

Baulé® omega machines: Designed to your specifications

Baulé® omega machines allow you to go further with your machine designs. Beyond the standard restrictions, almost any combination of features is possible thanks to the skills and expertise of our senior engineering team. This customized approach makes it possible to satisfy even the most demanding and specific requests.

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