DAM Härtetechnik


Supplier: DAM Härtetechnik
Available in: Finland , Sweden , Norway

LUISIO W31 is a fragrance-free and solvent-free stop off paint for gas carburizing. It provides good protection properties against carbon depths up to max. 1,9 mm. The stop off paint is delivered ready for painting.

Before using, LUISO W31 should be stirred up shortly and then applied with a paint brush. One layer is sufficient. To avoid evaporation the cans should be sealed hermetically after use. To restore normal viscosity the stop off paint can be diluted by adding up to 2 % water. No special thinners are necessary. The dry off time for LUISO W31 is 30 minutes. Unwanted paste residues may be removed easily with water. The heat treatment with LUISO W31 should not exceed temperatures above 970 °C. After heat treatment LUISO W31 residues may be removed by using water.

LUISO W31 to be delivered in PP-cans of 1, 5 or 10 kg.

LUISO W31 is sensitive to frost. Storage at room temperature is recommended. Opened cans should be closed after use. Storage time should not exceed 12 months.

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