Rivi Magnetics

M-Tecs R

Supplier: Rivi Magnetics
Available in: Finland

M-Tecs R is a patented magnetic system for the quick clamping of molds in injection machine, compression and transfer presses, both vertical and horizontal. Available in 2 versions: magnetic plates and magnetic plates with heating elements integrated.

H-Tecs R is a complete line of heating plates with guaranteed ΔT of ±2° to 5°C, as measured at a distance of 50 mm from the outer edge.


  • Significantly shorter mould change times
  • considerably higher productivity from the press
  • No mechanical equipment needed for changing moulds
  • Complete use of the surface of the machine’s platen
  • Moulds can be preheated, which enables operators to avoid direct contact with the mould
  • Suitable for use in clear rooms and in other areas that must be dirt-free and well- ordered
  • Operators work in a safer, more comfortable position
  • No modification of existing moulds is required
  • Clamping force is distributed uniformly throughout the surface of the mould
  • Less internal bending in moulds
  • Fewer production discards

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