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M-Tecs W

Supplier: Rivi Magnetics
Available in: Finland

M-Tecs W is a complete range of permanent magnetic plates for machine tools and grinding units. It is flexible and suitable for any kind of machining center. It is designed to provide flexibility and high magnetic clamping force. The structure of M-Tecs W magnetic modules, which for many years is known and appreciated in the machining industry, is a synonym of the high-density magnetic field, therefore high specific clamping forces. Distributed optimally across the useful surface, the force allows the pieces to be positioned in many different ways and ensures efficient uniform clamping. The possibility to work with very low tolerances and at the same time reduce wear on the tools becomes an achievable reality with the M-Tecs W magnetic modules. Without the typical support of traditional clamping systems, the working surface and the spindle stroke can be fully exploited. Complete accessibility to 5 out of 6 sides drastically reduces the need to reposition the piece during processing.

The structure of the magnetic modules M-Tecs W is monolithic and ensures high strength and reliability in the time. The M-Tecs W magnetic modules are available in various sizes to meet your application needs. Large and small pieces can be machined quickly and anchored securely.

Product versions

  • POLAR 50
    Designed with 50×50 mm square poles, these systems are characterized by a high force distribution across the work surface. Particularly indicated for workpieces with reduced surface area and low thickness. It is possible to design multichannel version for wide work surfaces. Each pole is able to generate a 350 daN force.
  • POLAR 70
    Designed with 70×70 mm square poles, these systems are characterized by a high penetration depth of the magnetic field inside the workpieces. They are ideal for clamping of piece with large or uneven surfaces and high thicknesses thanks to the possibility to employ polar extensions. Each pole is able to generate a 750 daN force.
  • MOON
    A simple design and an absolute magnetic reliability are the main features of this product. These characteristics make it the ideal solution for any dimension of grinding machine.

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