Magnetic Filtration

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Magnetic filters or magnetic separators are the most effective way of removing problem ferrous particles from industrial fluids such as machine tool coolants, cutting oils, lubricants, grinding fluids and industrial wash solutions.

These filters are widely used in a range of precision machining applications such as precision grinding, honing, lapping, drilling, cutting, steel rolling, EDM and wash stations.

Eclipse Magnetics’ patented magnetic filtration or magnetic separation systems are the ultimate in filtration technology, providing key benefits in comparison to traditional filter methods such as paper filters or band filters, cartridge filters, centrifuges and magnetic rollers.

Benefits of Magnetic Filtration:

  • Extended fluid life
  • Lower consumable costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved product quality
  • Health & Safety


Micromag Magnetic Filter
Compact, high-performance magnetic filter, flow rates up to 150 liters per min.

Micormag HP50 Magnetic Filter
Compact magnetic filter, suitable for presses up to 50 bar

Micromag HP80 magnetic Filter
High-pressure compact magnetic filter, suitable for up to 80 bar pressure.

Filtermag + Magnetic filter
High-performance magnetic filter for harsh environments, flow rates up to 500 liters per min.

Filtamag + Mobile Filtration Unit
Mobile filtration unit for cleaning machine tool fluids such as oils, lubricants, and coolants.

Autofiltrex Magnetic Filter
Automated magnetic filtration system for off-line operation

Automag Skid Magnetic Filter
Automated clean filter, flow rates up to 10,000 liters per min.

Automag AM32 Skid Magnetic Filter
Magnetic filter for high volume wash systems.

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