Magnetic Lifting & Handling Systems

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

The safest, most efficient way to move ferrous loads.

Eclipse Magnetics’ magnetic lifting & handling systems are based on fail-safe magnetic technology which delivers lifting speed, accuracy and efficiency whilst ensuring maximum safety. Ideal for applications ranging from light pick and place or robotics to heavy steel stock movement, applying magnetic’s to lifting and handling gives the safest, most efficient method of moving ferrous loads.

Why Choose Magnetic Lifting & Handling ?

In comparison to traditional lifting methods, such as lifting chain slings, wire rope, lifting slings, block grabs, vacuum handling, hooks and shackles, magnetic systems offer distinct benefits for manufacturing, assembly and storage.

Simple Operation, Increased Efficiency
Simple, instant on/off operation engages and releases the load in seconds ensuring an increase in number of lifts per hour.

Single Operator or Automated Usage
Magnetic lifters can be used easily by a single operator with minimal training required. Our magnetic handling systems can be used within automated systems such as pick-and-place or assembly lines.

Precision Lifting
Secure, instant engagement ensures no load slippage and accurate lift placement.

Optimized Storage Space
Eclipse Magnetics’ magnetic lifters are ideal for applications where floor space is limited such as steel stock. Magnetic lifting only requires access to a single face of the load, thereby allowing stacking or back to back storage.

Load Protection
Single-face engagement and no movement or slippage ensures no risk of damaging the load which is ideal for painted or coated surfaces.

Minimal Running Costs
Eclipse Magnetics’ magnetic lifting and handling systems are based on permanent magnetic technology. They do not require a power source to maintain the lift hold.


  • Ultralift Plus
    Provides fast and efficient lifting for a wide range of loads in the factory or workshop. It’s capable of lifting both round and flat section loads.
  • Ultralift TP Magnetic Lifter
    Safe, efficient lifter for steel plate and steel pressings. Ideal for lifting single sheets from stacks.
  • Ultralift LM Lifting Magnet
    Safe, efficient, magnetic lifter for moving steel loads. Can be used for flat or round section steel stock.
  • Optimag E – Electronically Activated Handling System
    Fast, easy lifting, handling and placing of ferrous loads.
  • Optimag P Magnetic Handling System
    Ideal for lifting or handling rigid, thin, perforated or sheet steel.
  • 90 Degree Disc And Plate Lifter
    Cost effective lifting frame and lifting magnet for heavy steel discs and plates.
  • Sheet Steel Separator
    Quick, easy, safe way to separate thin steel sheet.

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