Mäder pressen GmbH

Manual Presses

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Manual presses provide great economy for production processes and batch sizes which require no automation. They can be used quickly and flexibly in such applications.

Capacity range: from 500 N to 30 kN

Mäder produces two types of hand-operated presses with different force characteristics: toggle presses and rack, and pinion presses. The majority of mäder hand-operated presses can be provided with round or square rams.

Quality features:

  • Simple and rapid adjustment of the height of the press head using a threaded spindle
  • Hardened and ground ram
  • Long, honed and therefore high-precision round ram guide
  • High-accuracy square ram guide by means of adjustable jib strips
  • Ground press table
  • mäder manual presses are virtually maintenance-free

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