Maximize Energy Savings with Quality Mold Insulation

As energy costs are rising, manufacturers must start paying better attention to how they consume energy. Wasting energy is the same as wasting money. And it’s not good for the environment either. How can a factory save energy?

Investing in proper insulation for your molds is one place to start. Mold-making/casting is a very intensive manufacturing process that consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, quality insulation pays itself off quickly. The reduction of heat loss means you need less energy to heat up the mold. Minimizing heat loss is something that your factory workers will appreciate, especially during Summer!

Preventing heat loss isn’t the only perk of insulating your molds and tools. Exceptionally good insulation protects against wear and extends the life of the machinery components. Extreme temperatures will gradually cause damage to your machine.

In addition to saving energy and protecting the machinery, thermal insulation helps to maintain a more consistent temperature in the mold. Normally, most molds distribute heat unevenly. A consistent temperature will make the mold-making process more efficient.

Brandenburger Tool

Why choose Brandenburger Insulation Plates?

Brandenburger heat protection materials are world-class and have made the company a global market leader in its field. Their products excel both in terms of characteristics as well as mechanical properties. What’s more, their materials are energy efficient due to the considerable reduction of thermal conduction, radiation, and convection.


In the picture you can see a mold insulated with Brandenburger insulation plates. The insulation plates are easily attached to the mold with either magnets, Isoflex glue, mounting and ceramic non-adhesive paste or threaded bushes.

Brandenburger insulation solutions come with a premium finish. The FP-coating protects the insulation plates against aggressive substances such as oil, release agents and steam. The coating extends the durability and improves the sliding behavior of the plates. It also reduces the adhesion tendency, which makes the surface easier to clean.

The Brandenburger thermal insulation solutions can be customized for almost any application. Our sales technicians at Waldec Group are ready to help you find the right fit for your insulation requirements. Together with Brandenburger we can provide insulation solutions for the plastics and rubber processing industries, and the tool and mold making industry.

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