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Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Mazak has a range of automation solutions designed for every machine-type and application. From simple robot machine tending through to complex 5-axis component and fixturing and onto their flagship PALLETECH Multi-Tasking solution, they are leading the field in providing turnkey automation solutions that can dramatically improve machine utilization, productivity and profitability.

Product Range

PALLETECH Manufacturing Cell
Designed with the flexibility required for shorter product life cycles, reduced in-process inventory, just-in-time production and other demands of today’s manufacturing environment.

Multi Pallet Pool (MPP)
Offers high-speed pallet transfer and further extended unmanned running, compared to twin or six pallet automation systems. Specifically designed for unmanned lights out running, the configuration on display at EMO will feature a 16 station MPP, but a smaller 10 pallet version is also available.

Auto Work Changer (AWC)
The AWC is ideal for manufacturers requiring increased flexibility to meet the challenges of machining complex components, with a high product mix in small batch sizes. When paired with the AWC, VARIAXIS’ outstanding productivity is enhanced further by fast product changeovers from its 32 stockers to provide continuous machining and reduced non-cutting time.

MA Series
The new MA is an affordable, fully-integrated ‘plug-and-play’ solution, ideally suited to high-mix, low volume 5-axis work, that can be easily installed and programmed via Mazak’s SmoothX CNC.

TA Series
Easy-to-programme robot cell integrated with Mazak’s Smooth CNC, ideal for small to medium lots sizes. Ideal for applications that require lights-out unmanned running overnight or at weekends.

Laser Automation
Automation systems provide the ability to flex capacity through lights-out operation, without the burden of adding manpower. It also makes one-piece flow more practical, while producing short-run efficiencies that will reduce non-value-added fabricating time.

Gantry Loader
Gantry loaders provide fast loading and unloading for high-volume manufacturing.

Auto Flex Cell
An automation solution for the INTEGREX i-series, developed for highly flexible manufacturing environments.

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