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MDI prepolymers

Available in: Finland , Sweden , Denmark , Norway , Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

To address the demands of production, Covestro’s Desmodur® MDI-based systems provide a tunable and performant two-component solution. Available in both ether and ester series and extended with alcohol-based crosslinkers, the resulting polyurethane elastomers possess superior mechanical and chemical properties. In addition, they offer an adjustable pot-life, which can be shortened by increasing the catalyst quantity. These flexible systems offer a good fit for virtually any production environment.

MDI ether-based systems: Durable elastomers that perform under pressure

The Desmodur® systems include several MDI ether-based products ranging from conventional MDI-based systems to amine cross-linked MDI prepolymers (Desmodur® MAX-T). Desmodur® MDI ether-based prepolymers are usually processed with alcohol-based curatives such as Baytec® XLB and demonstrate high resistance to heat buildup. They are well-suited to applications requiring dynamic properties and are particularly recommended wherever resistance to abrasion and/or hydrolysis is required, as well as for low-temperature applications. In wet and warm surroundings, MDI ether systems prevent hydrolysis damage caused by water or acids and bases. This makes them well-suited to the production of hydraulic seals, hydrocyclones, flotation cells, timing belts and other applications.

Key properties of our MDI ether-based systems:
• High abrasion resistance
• High resilience
• Excellent hydrolysis resistance
• Excellent resistance to microorganisms
• Compatible with food contact applications

MDI ester-based systems: Good dynamics and strong resistance to internal heat buildup 

Covestro feature MDI ester-based products in their range, which includes both conventional MDI-based systems as well as amine cross-linked MDI prepolymers (Desmodur® MAX-D). Desmodur® MDI ester-based prepolymers are usually processed with alcohol-based curatives such as Baytec® XLB and the resulting elastomers generally show very good resistance to abrasion and tears as well as to hydrocarbons, oils, and solvents. They are suitable for applications that require excellent resistance to internal heat buildup and strong dynamic properties. Desmodur® MDI ester systems are used in scrapers, couplings, doffers, squeegees, screens, and many other demanding applications.

Key properties of our MDI ester-based systems:
• Excellent abrasion and tear resistance
• Good chemical resistance
• Excellent dynamic properties
• Excellent resistance to internal heat buildup

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