Mate Precision Technologies

Multi Tool PDS

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Mate is a world leading manufacturer and OEM supplier of Multi Tool systems for popular thick turret and thin turret punch press applications.

MT™ Tooling – Mate is an innovator in design and manufacture of multi tools for CNC punch presses. MT™ is a high performance tooling system designed for continuous service in high performance multi tool assemblies.

Mate’s XMT™ Tooling System is the world’s first and only tooling designed specifically for Euromac punch presses. Mate’s status as Original Equipment Manufacturer for Euromac makes XMT™ tooling the only way to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Euromac XMTE4, XMTE6 and XMTE10 Multi Tool punch holders.

A multi tool expands the capacity of any one station of a CNC press (turret or otherwise) by allowing more than one punch and die set to be placed in a particular machine station. It’s different from a cluster tool in that only one punches actuates during a ram cycle.

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