Mate Precision Technologies

Nova® Tooling System

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Mate’s Nova® Tooling System is the world’s first and only tooling designed specifically for the high speed hydraulic Finn-Power press. Mate’s status as Original Equipment Manufacturer for Finn-Power makes Nova® tooling the only way to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Finn-Power press. Mate Slug Free® Dies and uniform clearance corners are standard features.

Features and Benefits:

Premium high speed steel – superb performance at a thousand hits-per-minute and lasts for millions more.

  • Quick and easy to change, minimize maintenance costs and maximize punch press productivity.
  • Long guide length, fully guided heavy-duty strippers, and Slug Free® dies – reliability and durability.
  • Nova’s low maintenance design – ease of use and long life results in drastic cost savings for Finn-Power users. It guarantees clean, flat and accurate piece parts for only pennies per hit.

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