Sunchemy International CO. Ltd

Other Rubber Chemicals

Available in: Finland , Sweden , Denmark , Norway , Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Sunchemy manufactures many types of rubber chemicals that can be used in multiple applications with different properties depending on the customer’s requirements. Compatible with natural and synthetic rubbers.


  • Antiscorching Agent PVI(CTP)
     Pre-vulcanisation inhabitor.
  • Vulcanizing Agent DTDM
    Sulphur donor vulcanizing agent for efficient vulcanization and semi-efficient vulcanization cure system.
  • Insoluble sulfur OT20
  • Silica
    Mainly used as bulking agent of tyre, shoes sole, also used in pesticide, dope and other silicon compounds. Carrier for anti-caking, food and feed additives.
  • Rubber Coupling Agent Si-69
    Excellent vulcanizations agent for natural and synthetic rubber.