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Supplier: Pivatic Oy
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

The PivaBend concept brings cycle times for bending to the same level with punching times of work pieces for great total productivity.

Pivatic’s bender is based on the wing forming folding method, which makes it material friendly for pre-painted and stainless steel and aluminum. They will equip it for sections, panels or wrapper type work pieces based on your production requirements.

PivaBend is designed for steel thickness up to 2 mm. Implemented for blank size up to 3000×2000 mm.


PivaBend is more efficient than other sheet metal bending methods because the bender bends negative and positive bends set for each edge of the work piece, and the sides and the ends are bent at the same time.


It’s flexible because negative and positive angles, dimensions and sequences are all programmable. PivaBend processes different work pieces one-off and as large batches. The automated tool change system eliminates manual setups completely in the PivaBend for panels.

Completing processes such as spot welding and clinching can also be integrated into PivaBend.


The PivaBend wing forming machine was launched to market in 1989. They have developed the machine further while keeping the working principle the same, which now pays off for you as high machine uptime. A Siemens line controller and standard components further secure the reliability.

It’s common not to have any buffer storage between the assembly line and the PivaBend Bending Center.

PivaBend has various benefits:

  • Pivatic has adopted the material friendly folding machine bending principle, suitable for sensitive materials like pre-painted and stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Thanks to the working principle there is no wear on the tools.
  • The cycle times for bending are typically the same or nearly the same as for punching, keeping both PivaPunch and PivaBend fully loaded, typically 3 to 4 panels/minute, short panels 10 parts/minute.
  • PivaBend bending centers are designed for Sections, Panels, L-and U-type Wrappers, produced either straight from the coil or from punched blanks.
  • They engineer the tools, including the hold down tools in the station where the ends are bent, according to the geometry of your parts to manage the bending process and to minimize or eliminate the need for tool changes.
  • They deliver a customized solution based on our standard line components for the best possible ROI, Return On Investment, for you.

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