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Supplier: Pivatic Oy
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Pivatic’s punching center is available for coils as well as for coils & blanks. They will equip it according to your specific needs, whether you’re producing a variety of parts in small batches or families of parts in big series.

PivaPunch is based on standard Thick Turret Tooling set in quick-change tool cassettes on both sides of the strip. Tasks like notching, embossing, perforating and louvering can be carried out by customization.

PivaPunch is designed for steel thickness up to 6 mm. Implemented for strip width up to 1830 mm.


PivaPunch is more efficient than other sheet metal punching methods because it works straight from coil fully automatically, producing punched blanks stacked the way you need them.


It’s more flexible because it uses an advanced and freely programmable CNC coil punch system. Common coil width is used for a variety of parts produced in small batches, whereas true coil width is used for large series.


The PivaPunch coil punching press was launched to market in 1999. It has been in production at over 100 leading manufacturers around the world, and we’ve developed the machine further while keeping the working principle the same. This now pays off for you as high machine uptime. A Siemens line controller and standard components secure the reliability. You benefit from our four decades of experience in coil punching technology.

PivaPunch has various benefits:

  • 100% of time is actual punching since there is no tool change time (all tools are active) and the strip is fed non-stop from stroke to stroke.
  • Double Tool Punch (DTP) feature: two holes or corners of a symmetrical pattern punched at the same time to minimize the cycle time.
  • No dead punching zones, no skeleton required
  • No loading time with continuous coil feeding
  • No unloading time with the stacker, stacking of punched blanks occurs during punching time
  • No waste of material when using the True coil widths
  • Includes enough tools to manage common coil width utilization

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