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Pluto Hand-held Screwdrivers

Supplier: Kolver S.r.l.
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

PLUTO® (PLUs TOrque) are among the most advanced DC tools in the assembly market. Pluto hand held screwdrivers are available in plenty of options to meet the assembly requirements.

Extremely versatile
PLUTO® Series screwdrivers feature a wide torque range: starting at 0.5 Nm with PLUTO3, they can reach up to 70 Nm with PLUTO70ANG. It it possible to handle up to 8 different joins by connecting the PLUTO screwdriver to a EDU2AE/TOP multiprogram control units.

Pick the one that suits your application among the many current-controlled models.

Precise and accurate
High performances are guaranteed on any type of joint. PLUTO® current-controlled tools can reach 70 Nm with a repeatability of +/-5% with a unique electronic torque control system.

Long lasting quality
PLUTO® Screwdrivers feature an innovative coreless motor with low inertia and friction and absence of iron losses for extreme efficiency and extended life.
Planetary gearboxes are made of high-quality composite materials for excellent accuracy and repeatability throughout the wide 0.5 – 0.7 Nm torque range.

Highest environmental protection requirements

  • Low energy consumption
  • No polluting emissions
  • Low noise level
  • Minimal vibrations
  • ESD-safe

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