Pryor-Edward Pryor & Son Ltd.

PortaDot P50-25

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

The Pryor PortaDot P50-25 is a versatile, lightweight handheld marking machine with a marking window of 50mm x 25mm. It provides a fast and portable method of dot-peen marking, otherwise known as dot marking.

The 4000 Series Controller puts full control of marking and traceability at your fingertips. Ideal for marking permanent alphanumeric, logo or 2D barcode information onto high variety, immobile, large or heavy components.

– Electromagnetic solenoid driven dot peen marking
– Ideal for asset labelling and security marking
– Often used in rail, oil and gas/pipeline, casting/forging, VIN marking, and construction applications
– Controlled with Series 4000 Embedded Controller

Technical Specifications for PortaDot P50-25:

– Marking Area: 50mm x 25mm
– Standard Character Sizes: 0.19mm – 49.9mm in increments of 0.19mm (5×7 font) or 0.25mm (7×9 font)
– Dimensions: 245mm(H) x 176mm (W) x 214mm (L)
– Weight: Marking head/cable: 2.3kg
– Drive Mechanism: lead screw
– Connectivity Options: 1 x RS232, 1 x USB (that has the option of being removed to create 2 x RS232) and digital I/O (8 in 6 out) connectivity. Optional Ethernet TCP/IP and optional Field Bus.
– Cable length: 3m standard (6m or 10m optional)
– Dot Mark output styles: 5 x 7,7 x 9,Varidot, 2D Data Matrix, HPGL, BMP Logos
– Memory Capacity: 1350 layouts (LCD)
– Controller features: Full QWERTY integrated membrane with additional PS/2 port for external keyboards.
– On screen mark preview and trial run features
– Controller dimensions: 375mm x 335mm x 132 mm
– Controller weight: 6.5kg
– Power supply: AC Input 50/60Hz; 100-240VAC
– Optional battery powered controller: 36V Li-Ion 3.0Ah/108Wh battery

PortaDot P50-25 Safety Features
– Remote start/Stop control box
– Additional features: re-circulating ball-linear guideways to provide the highest marking accuracy.
– Head cable industrial steel connector to easily disconnect the marking head when needed.