Press Brake Tooling Components

Supplier: WILA B.V.
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Comprehensive range of accessories

Wila has a broad assortment of accessories for press brake tools to help maximize flexibility. They offer an extensive range of extra components and peripherals, which are perfectly compatible with New Standard Tooling and New Standard Tool Holders.


Faster and safer tool changes
WILA’s Safety-Click® innovation is a major breakthrough in bending technology. This system has been integrated into all New Standard top tools making it possible to load and unload top tools weighing 12.5 kg (28 pounds) and less vertically. It significantly improves speed and safety in vertical changes and makes it possible to implement robotic tool changes. 

Kemes Angle Meter

The precision solution for efficient angular measurement
KeMes stands for a completely new method of angle measurement and was primarily designed for users of press brakes to allow angle deviations to be directly detected during the production process. The measurement is performed by laser and guarantees high productivity and saves time. Compared to conventional measurement methods, the production process does not need to be interrupted. KeMes enables consistent quality assurance without wasting time, thus significantly reducing scrap.


  •  Angle inspections directly at the machine and Manual quality control,
  •  Time savings,
  •  Suitable for all machines,
  •  Easy on the workpiece,
  •  Avoid reject,
  • Flexible use,
  • Quality data recording.

Press Brake Productivity Wax

Cleans, maintains and protects tools

The Press Brake Productivity Wax ensures WILA Tooling always remain in top condition.  This concentrated, liquid spray wax has been specially developed for cleaning, maintaining and protecting WILA tools.

By simply applying a layer of wax after use, you can keep the surface of your tools in top condition. The wax is suitable for all New Standard tools, accessories and holders. The canister features an excellent spray head, which allows wax to be applied easily and uniformly. Then simply dry off with a clean cloth, and your valuable tools will have a lasting layer of protective wax. This will give an extra boost to your productivity!

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