Press Brake Tooling

Supplier: WILA B.V.
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Tools for all types of bending

WILA’s versatile New Standard Tooling program offers a wide range of choices. They differ greatly in terms of function, geometry and the clamping method. WILA provides a wide range of New Standard tools for air bending as well as bottom bending. New Standard tools are modular and available in several standard lengths, which makes it possible to quickly achieve virtually any bending length.

Top tools (BIU)
Compatible with all WILANew Standard Premium and New Standard Pro Clamping systems.

 Bottom tools (OZU)
For all press brakes with a 13.5 x 22 mm (WxH) Clamping Slot.


  • Fast and easy to configure tool lengths
  • Extremely accurate, fast, safe and flexible
  • Very high quality finish
  • Suitable for all press brakes and all bending applications
  • New Standard Premium and New Standard Pro tooling can be used with the same clamping system
  • Maximum performance when used in combination with New Standard Tool Holders

New Standard Premium Tooling

Bending technology of the highest standard

  • For extreme precision and bending performance
  • Very high workload capacity and maximum durability
  • All compression and wear areas are fully CNC-Deephardened® (ca. 58 HRc) for maximum durability
  • Very high quality finish
  • Provides maximum long-term performance

New Standard Pro Tooling

A high quality alternative for a variety of press brake applications

  • Very high quality in accordance with WILA standards
  • Functionally comparable with WILA New StandardWILA-symbol Premium Tooling, with reduced depth of hardening on compression and clamping surfaces (52-56 HRC)
  • Provides high level of durability in most bending applications
  • Good value for the investment

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