Carbon Sensors / Oxygen Sensors

Super Systems’ 3rd generation probes delivers precision and repeatability in a variety of controlled atmosphere heat treating processes. They are totally interchangeable with other manufacturers’ probes and instrumentation. Impenetrable layer extends probe sheath life in the harshest applications and reduces the  catalytic effect between nickel and methane and the patented sheath/electrode design facilitates probe burnout, promoting longer life.


  • %Carbon: 0.01% to 1.6%
  • Temperature: 1100 to 2000°F (593.3 to 1093.3°C)
  • Mounting: 1″ NPT
  • Impedance: Less than 10k ohms


  • Original Gold Probe
    The GOLDPROBE is a zirconia oxygen sensor used for atmosphere measurements which include non-oxidizing, reducing, neutral and carburizing processes.
  • CeraGold Probe
    Designed for HIGH temperature and HIGH carbon applications and delivers accuracy and repeatability for Carbon potential, dew point, and oxygen. 
  • Nitro Gold Probe
    Nitro Probes deliver precision and repeatability in controlled atmospheres with a focus on lower temperatures which would be typically found in ferritic nitrocarburizing applications.
  • Nitro CeraGold Probe
    Nitro Gold Probes with SSI’s patented CeraGold coating.
  • XL Gold Probe
  • Bazooka Probe
    Designed for HIGH temperature and HIGH carbon applications to measuring the atmosphere output from an endothermic generator.

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