Covestro Elastomers SAS


Available in: Finland , Sweden , Denmark , Norway , Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

In order to help you to improve the quality of your hand castings and to reduce the stress of short pot-lives, Covestro developed an innovative degassing and mixing device. By improving the mixing step, this device should allow you to optimize your hand castings with consistent quality and improve your productivity with reduced scrap rate.

The Baulé® quikmix device is able to mix and degas thanks to a combination of circular motions, designated as steps, of the containers:

  • Revolution of the containers
  • Rotation of each container

Many combinations of steps, with “on the fly” speed variations are possible to optimize the mixing and the degassing depending upon ratio and viscosities.


  • Mixture capacity: up to 2L (2 x 1L)
  • Dual and independent speeds
  • Adjustable speed during the mixing
  • 20 pre-programmed profile specific to each kind of system
  • 70 programmable profiles
  • Up to 5 mixing steps over any profile
  • Heavy duty gear drive design
  • Includes specific containers and vacuum accessories
  • 650mm x 665mm with 850mm height
  • Weight: 225 kg


Compared to usual mixing with blades or disks plunged into the mixture, the Baulé® quikmix device offers several benefits:

  • Bubble-free mixing thanks to vacuum capabilities
  • Fast degassing/mixing procedure
  • Dedicated degassing/mixing profiles for each cast PU system
  • Easy to operate via control panel
  • Reduced exposure to chemicals
  • No need to clean any mixing blade
  • Possibility to mix any thermoset polymers and to add fillers