Stierli-Bieger AG

Rail bending and straightening machine

Supplier: Stierli-Bieger AG
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Rail construction companies and points factories from all over the world opt for Stierli’s tried and tested rail bending and straightening machines. The rail bending systems of Stierli-Bieger are used throughout the world, wherever professional, stationary bending is required. The continuous development, specialization and high reliability of the rail bending machine have established our machines on the market and they dominate modern rail machining. Along with simple manual control systems, ultra-modern CNC controls with laser systems are available, which machine rails with a high degree of process reliability and automation.


  • Tried and tested technology and reliability
  • Various, universal applications for rail machining
    Rail construction and points factories value the universal applications of this hydraulic press:
    • Bending grooved rails
    • Bending Vignoles rails
    • Bending and straightening tongue rails
    • Bending full-web rails
    • Bending special rails
    • Bending rails by folding
    • Straightening rails
    • Torsion straightening of rails
    • Straightening frogs
  • Integrated, modern control system based on practical experience
  • High process reliability for bending work
  • Fast set-up
  • Very strong, robust machine design
  • Fast switching of the bending direction with the movable abutments
  • Robust dressing bars for precise straightening and bending results
  • Very strong cylinder guiding system
  • High repeat accuracy
  • Stopping under load
  • Continuously adjustable working speed from 0-10 mm/s
  • Mobile or crane
  • Advantages over roller bending machines
  • Easy loading of rails

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