BalTec AG

Riveting Units

Supplier: BalTec AG
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

BalTec riveting units are ideal for integration in automation, rotary indexing tables or transfer installations – in any desired position. The optimum range of capacities allows full utilization of their riveting performance. More than 10 different sizes are available, with radial as well as with orbital technique. The required forming force determines the appropriate riveting unit.

Combining a riveting unit with the Process Control HPP-25 opens up new possibilities and offers following advantages: complete documentation of the process data for full traceability of the production and the high-quality of the riveting joint can be proven. All process data will be displayed as curves or in tabular form and are automatically archived. For processing at a later date the data are retrievable in various formats.

Riveting units can be equipped with a variety of accessory, according to requirements. MRX – multi point riveting head or roller forming head are common accessories.

On request riveting units are also available as flange mount version; dimensionally identical to standard base units.