Mate Precision Technologies


Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Mate’s high speed steel punches, dies and strippers compliment Salvagnini’s high performance punching system like no other. Mate’s complete range of standards, special shapes and forming assemblies available to customer specifications expand Salvagnini’s complete metal fabricating system to the fullest.

Salvagnini Style Type III Tooling


  • Premium Powdered Metal Based High Speed Steel – incredibly long tool life under even the most extreme punching conditions.
  • High abrasion resistance, high anti-galling properties, plus excellent hot and red hardness.
  • Fully guided perforating tool has punch size range to 26mm.
  • A punch chuck is available for punch sizes 10.5mm and under.
  • Punches can be resharpened up to 0.157”(4.00mm) and dies to 0.060”(1.50mm), yielding many additional spans of production. An infinite variety of special shape punches can be made to your specifications.


  • Stripper openings are precise to match punch dimensions.
  • Fully guided perforating stripper has unique design to support punch point throughout the punching cycle.
  • The stripper is assembled into the upper cartridge.


  • High speed steel dies in 33mm stations (A, B and C).
  • A wide variety of special shapes are available to a clearance of your choice, as well as standard shapes.
  • Specify die clearance as punch size PLUS total clearance, NOT as clearance per side.
  • Brushes in D, E and F stations prevent marking.
  • Slug Free® dies are available as an option for all Type III stations at no additional cost.

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